Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mendocino County Bridges: Philo Greenwood Road Bridge across the Navarro River

August 2017 (39.08580-123.48450) Philo Greenwood Road Bridge
Continuing northwest from last week's Russian River Bridge, we arrived at the Philo Greenwood Road Bridge across the Navarro River. This is an open spandrel arch bridge (with timber approaches) that was built in 1951. The arch span is 130 ft long and the entire structure is 352 ft long.
The twin arches are founded in rock on each river bank and support a thin deck on spandrel columns. This is a local agency bridge (10C0032) supporting a county road.
The Navarro River is 28 miles long and flows northwest through the Coastal Range to the Pacific. Philo is the name of a town and Greenwood is the name of a ridge that are connected by the road.
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Bridge Ink said...

hi Mark,
the coordinates you give (38.95389, -123.10167) belong to last week's Russian River Bridge.

Mark Yashinsky said...

Thanks Bob!