Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bridges of Mexico: Bike Path on Periférico Ecológico in Puebla City

September 2017 (18.9791, -98.2206) Ciclovía del Periférico Ecológico de Puebla Ciudad
Driving south on Calle Periférico Ecológico in Puebla City I noticed a bright blue bike path in the median. Instead of an elevated bikeway like the one in the median of Hermanosa Serdán Blvd. the Ciclovía del Periférico Ecológico is 'at grade' but with elevated structures about every half mile to get on and off of this limited access expressway (see photo below).
These elevated structures include a narrow 'T' shaped superstructure on single column bents (the overcrossing), a 'C' shaped superstructure on squat four-legged trusses (the main ramp), and on/off ramps that zig-zag along the sides of the expressway.
The median has to be wide enough to accommodate bicyclists continuing their ride on each side of these elevated structures (see above). Since the resulting median could have been used to provide two extra lanes of traffic one might wonder if it's really worthwhile. Perhaps it's because I'm an avid bicyclist that I think the answer is yes!
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