Sunday, October 1, 2017

Mendocino County, California Bridges: Highway 1 Bridge across Albion Creek

August 2017 (39.2264, -123.7660) Albion River Bridge
I wrote a year ago about the Albion community's reluctance to replace the aged Albion River Bridge. It's amazing all of the issues raised by a community of 200 people over this bridge replacement. Each individual has their own unique concerns about this project. How will the replacement affect the use of the harbor? Will fishing operations be affected? Will the influx of workers to build the replacement displace residents? What are the costs of repair versus replacement?
Whether the old bridge is rehabilitated or a new bridge is built, it will have a big impact on the community. I wonder how one could take this old bridge and repair/seismically retrofit it without replacing most of the members? This is an issue that is being addressed all over the world. How to preserve our past while preparing for the future? In the old days the government would just come in and do what it wanted but I think it's a good thing that the community gets a voice in these decisions.
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