Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mendocino County, California Bridges: Highway 1 Bridge across Big River

September 2017 (39.3017, -123.7921)Big River Bridge
Continuing north on Highway 1 we arrived at Big River and the bridge that carries the highway across it. Walking along the river we saw people with their dogs along with joggers and hikers. The bridge is just south of the town of Mendocino and so a large community of people use the trail under the bridge to get their exercise.
The history of Big River is about entrepreneurs who built sawmills, railroads, and bridges along the river to harvest and sell the forest of redwoods that once covered this region. All of that activity has disappeared without a trace.
The Big River Bridge (10 0146) is a three span box girder structure on single column bents (built in 1962) with a 190 ft long center span. In 1994 the bridge columns were wrapped in steel casings to protect them from earthquakes. Unfortunately these casings soon began to rust due to the marine environment.
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