Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shasta County, California Bridges: Harlan D. Miller Bridges

April 2015 (40.9388 Degrees, -122.4232 Degrees) Harlan D. Miller Bridges
A couple of hundred yards from the abandoned US-99 Dog Creek Bridge is the I-5 Dog Creek Bridge (06 0027) that replaced it. The two bridges look similar, but the I-5 bridge was built in 1956 and the main span is 300 ft long. The US-99 Bridge is 256 ft long, it's more ornate, and it was built in 1927. It was abandoned but it can still be used by pedestrians. Both bridges are named after Harlan D. Miller, a state Bridge Engineer who died unexpectedly while working on the design of the US-99 Bridge. Harlan had similar goals to Oregon's Conde McCollough, another innovative bridge engineer who did beautiful things with reinforced concrete. Harlan designed the Van Duzen River Bridge, the Truckee River Bridge, and the previously studied Charlie Creek Bridge. More information on him is available from the Historical American Engineering Record.
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