Friday, March 27, 2015

Shasta County, California Bridges: Antlers Bridges (2)

March 2015 (40.8808 Degrees, -122.3811 Degrees) Antlers Bridges
Currently, the new Antlers Bridge is composed of four segments; an abutment and bent at each end and two pier tables in the river. In the photo above we are looking at the most developed four column pier with a long cantilever and a traveler at one end. Note how the exterior forms on the traveler hang below the soffit due to the haunched girders. This bridge was one of the last projects by Caltrans chief of aesthetics, Javier Chavez who created two enormous large mouth bass above the columns. Also, the columns have the typical isolation above the flares to prevent the columns from acting like short, shear-critical members during an earthquake.
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