Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shasta County, California Bridges: Antlers Bridges (4)

March 2015 (40.8808 Degrees, -122.3811 Degrees) Antlers Bridges
A view of the four segments of the new Antlers Bridge. Hopefully one day they will be joined together to create a single bridge. However, this project started back in 2008 and it probably won't be completed until sometime in 2016.

There are some projects that are a joy to work on, where the contractor has no other objective than to build the best bridge they can. Then there are projects where the contractor severely underbids their competitors in the hope they can make their money back by finding issues they can exploit with change orders.

I started work in bridge construction over 30 years ago in Riverside County. The best, most reasonable contractor in the 1980s was Kaiser Construction. They were such a pleasure to work for that every year the structure reps, resident engineers, and bridge inspectors in District 8 would give a dinner for them as a token of our appreciation.
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