Friday, March 25, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Glebe Island Bridge in New South Wales

March 2011 (-33.868 deg., 151.186 deg.) Glebe Island Bridge

We'll temporarily leave the Pyrmont Bridge to show a similar swing bridge a few miles away in Rozelle Bay. I often refer to a text when I write my blog. For Australian bridges, I'm using 'Spanning Two Centuries: Historic Bridges of Australia,' by Colin O'Connor. He mentioned that the Glebe bridge was built one year earlier than the Pyrmont Bridge (in 1901), it uses a similar electric powered swing mechanism, but it's a smaller structure (with two 29.1 steel truss swing spans).

I previously mentioned that the Glebe Island Bridge was made superfluous by the enormous ANZAC Bridge immediately to the south. The Glebe Island Bridge remains in the closed position to allow ships to pass, but it may occasionally open on special occasions.

Swing Bridges are disliked by coastal and navigation agencies because the swing mechanism blocks the middle of the channel. In the United States, they are removed at an alarming rate to allow larger ships through US waters.
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