Saturday, March 12, 2011

Australia's Bridges: Anzac Cable-Stayed Bridge (3) in Sydney

March 2011 (-33.869 deg., 151.186 deg.) ANZAC Bridge over Johnstons Bay in Sydney, Australia

The ANZAC Bridge has the longest main span (1132 ft) of any cable-stayed bridge in Australia. It was built extra tall and extra long to allow ships into tiny Johnstons Bay. However, the Bay is now used only for pleasure craft. 

The towers are topped with the flags of Australia and New Zealand and a statue of a soldier from each country stands 'at rest' at each end of the bridge.

On the north side is a swing bridge (built in 1903) which is almost always in the closed position after it was replaced by the ANZAC Bridge (I'm not sure if the mechanism still works).
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