Sunday, March 1, 2009

Arch Bridges: Lake Redding Bridge

The Lake Redding Bridge was built in 1996 to replace the 1915 Diestelhorst Bridge as a vehicle crossing over the Sacramento River. The Diestelhorst Bridge is a historic structure that remains in place as a pedestrian bridge.
Both bridges are multi-span, open spandrel arch bridges. However, the Diestelhorst bridge has spandrel piers while the new Lake Redding Bridge has narrow open arches supporting a wide, prestressed concrete deck.

The Lake Redding Bridge is another attractive structure by Mark Ketchum and OPAC Consultants. It is a five span, 659 ft (200 m) long, 44 ft (13.4 m) wide bridge. The arches are supported on spread footings in bedrock and abutments on piles to resist the longitudinal arch forces. Steel piles also supported the construction trestle and the concrete formwork.
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