Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monterey County, California Bridges: Bradley Road Bridge across the Salinas River

July 2016 (35.8641, -120.8097) Bradley Road Bridge
Similar to last week's Cattlemen Road Bridge, the Bradley Road Bridge is a deck truss with concrete T beam approaches. Both bridges are about 1700 ft long but the Bradley Road Bridge has better access along its flanks.
However, unlike the Cattlemen Road Bridge there was no seismic retrofit on the Bradley Road Bridge. The approach spans are supported on pier walls that turn into columns at the top. This is to allow flooding to flow around the piers unimpeded by columns. Not a great seismic design, although the infill walls between the two center columns provides some shear strength transversely (see photo above).
The main spans are 140 ft long Warren trusses on skewed pier walls. This county-owned bridge was built in 1930 and rehabilitated in 1954. The deck is only 24 ft wide and includes a small diameter horizontal curve.
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